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Body By Design Personal Training/Nutrition Counseling

Welcome to Body By Design!  Whatever your 2011 personal fitness goals are, one of my personalized fitness and nutrition programs can help you!   Christina offers:
-In Home Personal Training/Nutrition Counseling Sessions
-Online Personal Fitness Program Design/Nutrition Consultations
-One on one sessions in Ellsworth area Fitness Centers.
Regardless of whether you want to Lose Weight, Tone-Up, Build Muscle, Prepare for a Race or Contest, or Increase Stamina, I can help you be successful with proven, time tested, safe strategies. Get your very own comprehensie Professional Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor for as little as $8/week!
Each package includes a weekly one hour meeting where we will review health history, fitness goals, and meal planning progress.

Personal Training Philosophy

Body By Design is a leader in totally customized online personal training programs.  My  programs are personally designed for each individual client by an experienced, certified, professional personal trainer. I do NOT give our clients computer-generated programs or make them design their own workout plans. Body By Design ensures you the highest level of Professional  personalization so you truly have your very own, real  personal trainer.

Christina has been training clients in their homes, at numerous YMCA's,  in Commercial, Military, and Corporate (Pro-Fitness/HEALTHSOUTH)  fitness centers throughout New England since 1991.  She takes a very individualized approach, and considers all the factors that play a part in your success, including body type, daily activity levels, current fitness level, health issues, motivational techniques, age, past injuries, meal planning, and competition goals if they apply.  It is important to stay motivated and get results, so your personal fitness plan will be broken down into both short and long term goals that are attainable.

Christina also spent 6 years in the U.S. Army as a Cardiology Specialist.  She is well versed in Cardiac Risk Factors, and is happy and willing to work with your Physician to ensure your Personalized Fitness Program is safe for you. 

After you join Body By Design, you will receive (via email) a welcome packet that includes a basic health history questionnaire (the ParQ), a personal fitness goals questionnaire and a Food Diary Log (if membership includes Nutrition Counseling).  You will need to complete this paperwork and return it to Christina so you may get started.  All your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence, and will be used to evaluate and develop an individualized Fitness Plan contoured to help you attain your personal short and long term goals.



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FREE with any 12 week program: Customized Natural Supplement plan  recommendations.  Jump start your success using all-natural herbs!

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Start building the body you want TODAY!

Welcome To BODY BY DESIGN! Whatever your 2011 fitness goals are, one of our online exercise programs can help you! Regardless of whether you want to Lose Weight, Tone-Up, Build Muscles, Prepare For A Race, or Increase Stamina we can help you be successful.  Get your own PERSONAL TRAINER FOR AS LITTLE AS JUST $8/PER WEEK!

Your Complete Internet Fitness and Nutrition Program Is Here!

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