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Body By Design Personal Training/Nutrition Counseling

In-Home Personal Training

Christina has been training people in the comfort of their own homes since 1998.  She works with clients who have their own cardio and weight training equipment, and travels with her own collection of mobile resistance training equipment.

Receive all the benefits of the online services PLUS:

*Get the most from your workouts, and be confident that you are performing each exercise properly and efficiently. 

*Get immediate feedback while completing your custom Fitness Program.  Christina can make immediate, personal  adjustments to your program for maximum success.

*Receive all the benefits of "Marked Results" tracking program.  All new clients get their circumference measurements, weight, body fat percent measurements, skin fold measurements, and BMI assessment done in person by Christina to ensure accurate results.   This gives us a clear starting point, and each week new measurements are taken to track progress and program results. 

*Get more benefit from a comprehensive 1:1 Heart Rate monitoring.   Cardio training plans are adjusted for maximum results based on these readings.  This allows clients to train "smarter" for peak results.

Prices: (Within a 30 mile radius of downtown Ellsworth - 04605)

One Session = $40/hour

5 Sessions (save 15%) = $175.

10 Sessions (save 20%)  = $320. 

15 Sessions (save 25%)  = $450.

For clients living outside the 30 mile radius of downtown Ellsworth (04605) clients are responsible for the session price, plus an additional 35 cents a mile each way from Christina's home address (per session).  If gas prices drop, so will this expense.   These prices are current as of May 24, 2011.

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