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Spongebob Squarepants

(leader) Spongebob's Pedigree


Spongebob was the prime pick of the 2008 Junior x Laredo breeding.  In this 82 lb package we got the Junior racing head,  musculature (PLUS 20 lbs), brains, trainability  leadership ability and size in one awesome dog.  Sponge was the biggest dog in the yard at the 2009 Dryland World Championships in Saguanay, Canada.    Won the World Championships in Canicross by one minute and 52 seconds.   Passes like a dream without even a glance.  Super headed dog.
Easily adapts to 4-dog Speed.  Is a solid 20-25mph dog.  This is the best dog I've ever had the pleasure to train and race with.  Powered our 4-dog team to first places at the Bristiol Canadian Dryland Championships and The Fair Hill Challenge in MD winning all 4 days with average speeds over 20 mph.  
Stud Junior is a quite large, super leader bought from the Streepers as a 10 month old by Jessica Doherty.  He is an outstanding example of a hard-headed, super-focused, run through a brick wall sort of dog. Single leader with some exceptional traits. From an extraordinary high-producing English Pointer that has given many top dogs and leaders for the Streepers. His entire litter is very high-caliber.  
Dam Laredo was purchasedfrom Wendy Callis where she led Wendy to 6th place in the LNAC 6-Dog, 13 seconds out of 4th in 2008.  She was bred and trained by Rex Jones.  She has a very strong drive and will, and was the pacesetter in lead all three days at the LNAC's.  Her pedigree includes many large, also impressive dogs.   
$500 stud fee

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