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The city of Ellsworth and surrounding towns have always been very supportive and welcoming to Eagle Sled Dogs.  We've been visiting local elementary schools to do presentations and share the dogs. and participated in Ellsworth Winter Carnival for the past 4 years to help boost interest in the sport, and share this passion for the dogs with the greater community.
When we partner with local businesses, we take the relationship very seriously.  We live in the greater Ellsworth Area, and are commited to fostering excellent and lucrative partnerships for our supporters.  It is extremely important to us that the sponsorship partnership be a mutual success for both parties.  If you'd like to pursure a sponsorship, to help ensure that we can serve you and meet all your expectations, completing the form at the bottom of this page will help enable us to do that better.


If you have any questions about how we might be able to partner with  your business in a way that works best for you, please complete the contact form below.  I'm very open to new ideas.
For local businesses intersted in sponsoring Eagle Sled Dogs, we have the created the following packages:
Gold Sponsors = $500+

As A Gold Sponsor, you will receive all of the following :


        A  “Day with the Dogs” at your local business. A great marketing opportunity and positive local publicity event to coincide with a Special Fall or Winter Promotion you’re running at the store. We’ll bring our team to your local store parking lot, and make our dogs available for petting and pictures.  We’ll be available to answer mushing questions from your staff and customers.  We’ve been doing public appearances for three years now at local Elementary Schools.  The past 2 years we brought the dogs to Ellsworth Winter Carnival for lots of hands on from the public..  The dogs love all the attention, and the people love the hands on and the time to ask us questions about the dogs, training, and equipment.  We can forward some professional photos to your marketing director to help with promotion of this event.

        We invite you to attend racing events.  For Gold Sponsors, if you, anyone on your staff,  or a family member would like to be a “Dog Handler For A Day” at some local races, we can show  folks how to put on harnesses, help lead the team to the starting line, and hang out at the Eagle Sled Dogs Racing truck to help with the care of our treasured athletes.  It’s the sled dog version of a “Pitt Crew”.

        We also offer all sponsors the opportunity to spend a few hours at our kennel home in Osborn in a relaxed setting.

        You may come visit us during a training session on a local trail to see how our dogs are in action.

    • Be named on our web site as a FEATURED sponsor with your own banner advertisement and link to your business. (value = site gets up to 100 hits a day. Reached 10,000 hits after only 17 mos)
    • Have a banner with your business name of the racing sled event of your choice.
    • Have your logo prominently and professionally displayed on our dog truck for the season.
    • Be mentioned in all surrounding publicity and on our web site as Gold sponsors.       

 Silver Sponsors = $200-$499

As A Silver Sponsor you will receive the following :

        Spend a few hours at our kennel home in Osborn at the home of Eagle Sled Dogs in a relaxed setting.

        You may come visit us during a training session on a local trail to see how our dogs are in action.

    • Be mentioned in all surrounding publicity and our web site as Silver sponsor.

Bronze Sponsors ($25-$199 donation)

As A Bronze Sponsor you will receive the following:


        Spend a few hours at our kennel home in Osborn at the home of Eagle Sled Dogs in a relaxed setting.

        Be listed as a “Dog Sponsor” in our web site. You may pick a dog of choice from our kennel and be listed as that dog's sponsor for the season.   


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Are you and some friends interested in a kennel visit?
Are you interested in visiting us during a local training session to see what our dogs can do in action?
Are you interested in being a race handler for a day? The Sled Dog version of a "Pitt Crew" (Gold sponsors only)
Are you interested in organizing a "Dogs for the Day" promotional event at your local business to co-incide with a fall or winter store promotion? (Gold Sponsors only)
What level of Sponsorship Do you Desire? Gold, Silver, or Bronze

Christina in Fort Kent
Can Am Crown 30


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