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Dogs Of The Past


Luke (L)
Alaskan - Super Confident Single leader

Training in Osborn
Luke holding the line waiting for the team

Luke (L) :5 year oldmale single or co-leader.Gee/haw leader. Can hook ANY dog up to him in lead and he'll teach them good manners and commadswell. Passes great with no hesitation single or co-leading. Has trained most of my young leaders.His pedigree includes the winning 6-dog Limited North American Team in 1988 and 1990. LukeSkywalker is aCONFIDENT, excited,happypuller who takes charge. He's got tremendous intensity and a brave heart that I truly admire.Needs a musher used to high speed and handling an intensely driven team. This is by NO MEANS a recreational sled dog. Plan on a white knucke ride. He is not "built" physically like a fast dog, but he proves that head overcomes a lot when it comes to racing. When we train he's theguy holding the line out while I hook all the other dogs up to run &is one of my smartest dogs.Once I lost my team on some ice (the hook popped, and Luke ran then to our turnaround point we'd been to once before, then turned the whole team around in single lead and brought then back to the truck. This dog has incredible heart. Luke is best suited foropen or 8-dog team leading, which I won't be racing. Would also make a good intermediate level skijoring dog. Luke has been instrumental in the development of our younger dogs. Also a very confident, peaceful alpha leader who loose runs with everyone, even tiny pups. Ensured my kennel atmosphere was very calm and secure for all the dogs. Very wise dog.

7-Oak's Cricket

Cricket is with Tom Hahn, III in NJ leading on an all Siberian team. Tom has plans to breed her and run that awesome Seppala bloodline in the CAC 250.

Cricket In Single Lead
AKC Siberian Husky

Tay Marr's Chippew, SDX
92.9% Seppala Siberian, trail or sprint leader,team dog

Chippewa  is an SDX Certified AKC/CKC 92.9% Seppala Siberian. Chippa kept pace with the sprint Alaskans in the 2006/07 season.  Moonlights occasionally in lead for Purebred sprint races.  This dog has heart.  He is now living with Gail Guertin at Howling Ridge, Kennel in Bedford, NH. Chippa will be running lead and helping to mentor some of Gail's growing yearlings.  Send pictures!!!!!

SecondWind's Salute

Salute went back to Gail at Secondwind Siberians in NH, and from there she went to Amanda Poquette lives in northern VT and owns Salute's aunt.  We wish you the best of luck in your new home with your new friends Salute!

AKC Siberian Husky, Anadyr line


Micah is retired and being spoiled as a house pet now.

Siberian Husky

Demavands Kyzul Kum Second Wind

Ky and Ishta are now living with Nik Palmer and Anastasia Seyer in Enfield, New Hampshire.  Ky is a  4 yr old male Gee/Haw leader.  Ky is a well mannered, solid, reliable lead dog who led in the 2006 Can Am Crown.

In Lead at Can Am Crown 2006
Ky - AKC Siberian Husky

Ishta Eagle

Now living with Nik Palmer and Ansatasia Seyer in Enfield, New Hampshire.  Ishta was one of our first Sibes.  We still have her sister Kola with us in our pack. 


Mr. Maxwell The Businessman  AKA "Max"

Max did tours with Ken Haggett at Peacepups Dogsledding and Bike Tours for a year, and is now living with a single woman on a few acres of land where he can roam free in an enclosure.  We love you Max!

Siberian Husky

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