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Nov 22, 2008
Ciara and Ayana have been doing an EXCEPTIONAL job training their teams this fall!   Ayana's new nickname is now "Rigsie".  Every time Ayana has started 2-3 minutes behind Ciara (with Ciara driving her team with a 4 wheeler), she's passed Ciara.  She's passed Ciara driving our A team, and passed her driving the B team while Ciara was running the A team.  Ayana has  done some things on the trail that I have been so amazed with and I can't understand how she pulls these things off!  She was able to get off the rig that was tied to a 6 dog team, walk up and untangle Obo who was being goofy on a training run as usual, and then Ayana walked back to the rig.  And they all held at whoa for her!
We had our first snow runs today in Osborn - and ran our 6 month old pups in harness for the 4th time.   Everyone did a FANTASTIC job and everyone had 100% fun!  Some Laredo x Junior pups may be Junior racing, and even possibly leading at the Northeast Championships in March.   They look that good.

Sled Dogs At School !
We visited all 39 students at the K-8 Airline Consolidated School in Aurora, ME Friday, December 21st.  We talked about the history of sled dogs, Inuit sled dogs, arctic breed characteristics, training, and let the kids check out some sled dog equipment.  And FINALLY,  let everyone and pet the dogs.  Everyone had a good time and the dogs really enjoyed all the extra cuddles.

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